Lokelani ʻOhana Village Project

Lokelani ʻOhana wwoofers and soon to be professional models advertising our necklaces and malas

2017~2018 Focus

Village Home invited us to sell our items in their store. As we share similar values, the partnership was enthusiastically welcomed. Our collaboration with Village Home started at the very beginning of the store opening last summer 2017, and continues at the new location on the main floor near Macy's at the Queen Kaʻahumanu Center, Maui's best known shopping mall in Kahului.

Here we sell weavings that are made into pillows and wall hangings, pillows in Hawaiian print stuffed with cotton, seat belt covers in colorful Hawaiian print stuffed with biodynamic cotton, Job’s tears necklaces and malas, essential rose oil and the occasional painting to promote the work of both non-profits and bring benefit to our respective communities through education and sales. Profits fund continuation of our work and projects.

The Job's tears seen in the necklaces our wwoofers are wearing are grown on the farm for use in our weavings and jewelry making. Besides the use for ornamental purposes, these same Job's tears are used as a food source (cereals) and in folk medicine, especially throughout East and Southeast Asia.

Daniel Norton

Daniel Norton, Village Home founder. See Daniel speak in our Embracing Hearts with LOKELANI ʻOHANA video (Daniel appears at the 3:14 minute mark).

Lokelani ʻOhana Crafts for Sale

Lokelani ʻOhana Crafts for Sale, home made crafts using home grown materials