Saori Weaving


Lokelani 'Ohana has been running their Saori Weaving Program with inspirational artist Dana Allen for nine years. Saori Weaving was birth by Misao Jo and her son out of Japan and gives a sense of freedom in creative weaving including the population with special needs. The base for Saori in the US can be found here:

We partner with other agencies and are happy to have worked with Easter Seals and still partner with Ka Lima O Maui. Participants choose to make bags, pillows, backpacks, rugs, blankets, wall hangings, purses and hand bands with their weavings.



The Lokelani 'Ohana Farm is located on the Northeast side of Maui in the village of Waihe'e. The land was dedicated to agriculture in the 1800's  with kuleana water that flows fresh from Waihe'e river  to the farm thru a series of channels. We practice Biodynamic farming based in the indications of Rudolf Steiner. See:

The Lokelani 'Ohana Waihe'e Farm offers programs in organic gardening to our community including people with developmental disabilities. We have partnered with WWOOF Hawaii for nine years meeting people from all over the world. We also invite co-workers from the Camphill communities that have experience in biodynamics to consider becoming a co-worker on the farm. 

Arts and Crafts


The Waihe'e Farm grows biodynamic cotton which is ginned and used to stuff pillows, seat belt covers, decorate cards and be spun or just used raw for weaving. A Creative Arts Program is also offered with painting using different water colors, pastels, acrylics and flowers from the garden. Making labels for our weaving and sewing products and garden enhanced products is another fun creative project we have done.

Outdoor Activites


Maui County Recreation Department has an inclusion program run by Tara Sabado that offers recreational programs to friends with developmental disabilities. There is a kayaking program once a month at the Kehei Canoe Club whose Kumu is Kimokeo Kapahulehua. Thanks to leaders in our community like Tara and Kimokeo! There is also an annual surf event held at Lanipoko with the Surf Rider Foundation! There are many beautiful places to hike, swim and be active with on our beautiful island of Maui.

Social Therapy


Lokelani 'Ohana is inspired by and models their work from The Camphill movement, an initiative for social change dedicated to creating intentional communities where the values of service, sharing, spiritual nourishment, and a commitment to recognizing each individual's gifts and contributions offer a model of renewal for the wider society:  see

The Social Therapy work is based in the principles of anthroposophy, which is grounded in the values that the practice of daily living is an art, that the significance of each human being is honored and supported to reach their potential regardless of ability or disability, and that man has a symbiotic relationship to the earth. These relationships create transformative living experiences for all people. 


Lokelani 'Ohana is a small community and we are accepting new admissions for people with developmental disabilities. We also have options to get involved with our therapeutic programs!